Remember our Nanny Bau Bau? Here she's pictured with Schnauzer mix, Alex.

Visit Hundreds of Small Puppies!

I've had a couple of years experience as a puppy foster mom.  Think about it -- that has to mean we're talking puppies who for one reason or another -- no longer had their own mom.  I found them almost all to be amazing creatures, full of life and fun and SPIRIT.  That would be excepted by when they were ill, and unfortunately there are many illnesses that attack young puppies.  Watching them pass away with all their sweetness intact finally did me in.

What I want you to realize here is how young the majority of these puppies are.  Most are between eight and twelve weeks old.  I came to call them poopies.  When you have just one or two, or maybe even three you see them as puppies.  More than that, it just seems natural to think "poop"ies!  Because they are so young, and yet often look like they are more mature than they are, several are pictured with pinecones, balls, drink cups, etc. to be a reminder you are privileged to see them at an age most people won't see such regal and adorable dogs.  You can see many more of them at

Remember Benna? (front page n video w Bau Bau) Boxer mixers! HOT!

Small and Cuddlesome, but also a Fast Runner!

It's beautiful out here and they tell me I'm beautiful, too. Mesmerizing eyes!

AAAAAAAAACK! Rape! Rape! Incest, no less. Help! Help!

Tiny head in big mouth. Benna loves to play with Bau Bau. See video on 1st page.

So spirited, willing to challenge daddy about a command mid-fun. "Well, I just can't believe you're saying we're done playing for now!"

Two six month old Goldadors (mixes of Golden Retriever and Labrador).

Two Sibling German Shepherds

Good Looking (they know it) n Playful

Sleep Deprived

More on the right than the left.  Send creme.  Thank you!