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“Music speaks what cannot be expressed. It soothes the mind and gives it rest. It heals the heart and makes it whole. It flows from heaven to heal the soul.” ― K.C. Lynn, Resisting Temptation                                                                                                                   

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Saturday A. M. Mastermind (SaAMMM) or Mastermind Collective

I've participated in this face time group for three or four years, missing a big blank in 2018, (hospitalizations and depressions already visited), and loved it dearly.  It's at it's base a book study group where we do the reading on our own and then meet to stir the pot, so to speak.

Beyond that, however, it's a tribal meeting where people of like minds meld together around a specific topic and find their minds opening and hearts more loving.

We meet at 10 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, U. S.  Consider this an invite if you're interested.

I Love Words, I Love Writing Words, I Don't Like Losing My Words

I have found a solution to that.  Perhaps it will help some of you as well.  I'm going to tell you why Authory is my best friend.  Authory and Eric Hauch.


Authory My best friend


I am so delighted to have found and come to try and trust Authory with what is precious to me whether or not it counts with anyone else -- my writing, my blogs, my personal journals.

Initially, I found someone who had written thousands of articles as a well-known and well-appreciated journalist who loved Authory and made me yearn to have the same benefits of having my online writings safely archived, those who had disappeared -- found, and an organization to it all. Keeping my eyes open, and with, I believe some meaningful serendipity, I began to see Authory in several places online suggesting bloggers and intermittent writers were welcome, too.



I have a chronic mental health illness which results in a humiliating instability. I don’t claim to understand how Authority does what they do -- unless you’ll accept a miracle as an answer. But they do it, yes, they do.  (And they'll tell you very clearly here in this short video.)

After suffering a year in four different hospitals and at least that many ER’s which was a new low to me, I found I had “lost” thirty-six chapters of what I had hoped would be my first book. That felt almost unbearable to me and I stepped up to give Authory a try. Imagine my immense and almost overwhelming relief when lo and behold, they were made available to me again. As I said, Authory is my best friend.



It used to be, one of my models for life was to only read a book once, watch a movie once, you get the drift. Now I know that if I want to retain what I consider to be of value in those experiences, I can serve myself a lot better by multiplying the time I spend with them. That applies to my writing as well. As I reread my personal journals, written over more than fifty years, I find myself surprised by things I knew much earlier that I thought I had just learned about. I realize it's truly easy to lose track of myself.

It is so much easier to keep track of things online, -- provided one is capable of enjoying a system where it is possible to look things up when desired. Here’s where Eric and Authory come in.

As I thought about writing a review to express to Authory and, in particular, Eric Haugh, how astoundingly grateful I am for their work, clearly their passion, I couldn’t help but think how silly my requests must seem in comparison to those who’ve lived a stable life of writing hundreds, in some cases thousands, of praiseworthy articles or other writing pieces.

Thinking about the above paragraph I came upon the realization that I like what I write (and acknowledge I may be the only one who does) and what I’m truly hoping is that when I’m no longer reachable on this earth plane, someone in my DNA pool will benefit from something I write and be interested in reading it. One thing I’m sure of is that Authory will make the whole process easier.

Treat yourself to some extra days of free trial. It’s utterly painless and richly rewarding.