Herbs n Flowers in spiral cut! I just love it!

So fun. Such great colors!

Colorful-Houses-in-Burano-Venice "https://thejigsawpuzzles.com/img-puzzle-6967099-130/Colorful-Houses-in-Burano-Venice

So Many Reasons to Love The Jigsaw Puzzles

The Jigsaw Puzzles offer at least six different choices of cut and as I've said before my favorite is spiral.  In choosing the cut, then there are various numbers of puzzle pieces in that cut.  This morning I felt I was slipping in my discipline to fit in a fun puzzle when I already had bigger plans I was not attacking and that directed me to use the puzzle cut of twenty.  I could still enjoy colors and smiles and wonky humor, but in less time.  I really love The Jigsaw Puzzles for that!