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Hi!  I'm a dialogue type of person, meaning I want to hear what you have to say and then I want to be listened to when I say what I have to say.  I'm happy to talk on the phone (for maybe twenty minutes or so) and that would be my preferred method.  I'm in Arizona in the SouthWest of the United States.  Email me first ( so we can set up a time to talk; or if you want the communication to be only one way (you to me), simply fill the message box here.  To be real honest, I'm not good about checking my email, although I have a website to watch, now, and that is much better.  In fact, if you're in the States call (602-642-8972) and leave a message so I can identify you as a friend the next time you call or ask me to call you back with a couple of alternate times. Looking forward to hearing from you.       Karen Lohof    

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