Where I'd Like to Start with this Topic

A mentor of mine born when I was thirteen years old. He contributes greatly to my life. This page will contain considerable I've learned from him.

Fun, and funner!

So amazing to see the different species demoing friendship and love.

Keeping Perspective . . . Always! Highest Value: People over Beliefs

The only person any of us takes through life from birth to death is ourselves. Let us be true to our one true love -- the god in us, children of God.

Beginning AGAIN . . . Today is Wednesday, Hump Day, the 13th of what I consider my Holiday month -- November. Anniversaries and birthdays up the yingyang.

I just wanted to let you know -- I've just paid up this website until the 18th of 2020.  With no fears of another loss here, (oh, the great peace that brings!) I shall be posting regularly, at least once a week.  I hope to see some of you with comments and perhaps other kinds of sharing I'll explain soon.  Cheers for now!  



Where to begin?  I'm at somewhat of a loss.  First off, today is in 2019; it's Saturday, July 20.  It seems a very long time since I have written in this blog.  It HAS been a very long time since I have written in this blog.  And, so, I can't help but attempt an explanation.

People speak of various things as being a wake-up call.  I can think of plenty of those throughout my life, but 2018 was different.  I ended up in four different hospitals, a number of times in the ER, and a stay in a post-acute facility, before finally coming to where I now write you from - a long-term care assisted living group home.  Certainly, this is not the peace I dreamed of.

In the process, I lost thirty-some chapters of the first book I was writing.  I suffered short-term memory loss and have spent literally months trying different combinations of what I think might have been passwords I could have thought up as I have yet to be successfully retrieving the password to my 42 some unique passwords in my password vault.

I have plenty of stories to share, and I've missed you all and writing of peaceful realities.  BTW - I am now experiencing peace again, but it has taken a long time.  Cheers to each and all.

Can Difficulties be Peace?

I just joined a YouTube channel entitled Jhod Vlandit who had a comment I liked on the above video because he commented to it that Jordan was the best internet dad he'd ever had.  It didn't take much reflection on my part to realize that I heartedly agreed.

There is no video clip yet

Some of us rack up marriages similar to the experiences of the folks viewed above!

Were you spared?